Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good ol'days of Radio

Before the days of TV all we had was the radio for entertainment, and it was on all the time. They had variety shows, scarey shows, soaps, family stories and music and news of course. I use to like the mystery theater, soaps and family hour the best that I remember. I was home most of the time because of illness so it was great for me. Of course I would never miss a soap if I could help it and the same for today. One of them that I listened to before is still on today, but on TV. One time my radio fell on the floor and broke and I was devestated until Dad fixed it for me.
My Bro still kids me about listening to the soaps like Stella Dallas and Back Stage Wife. Nice memories though, as it was my world at the time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Secret!!

We had a secret in the family that all the time I was growing up I tried to figure out what two sets of initials meant. To my Dad my mom always signed herself as GG and Dad would sign himself BB to anything he gave her. I asked and asked but could never get an answer. It was a secret between the two of them that they had since they were going together, and they weren't going to tell us. I would try and think of all the possiblities like for instance could it be Girl Girl for her and Boy Boy for Dad. Mom would never say yes or no. Finally over the years I sort of forgot about it being i was busy raising a family and not living at home anymore.
After Mom passed away we had to go through everything and we came across a card that Dad had sent to mom and he signed it Billy Boy and addressed it to his Gypsy Girl. Finally the dawn of what the initials were for. After all that time it was neat to have it figured out finally.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pranks

In a home with 4 kids there is always some thing that sparks a prank. I know I was guilty of a few of them especially on April Fools day. One time I thought it would be funny to put dog food in my Brothers cereal. We ate grapenuts and the dog food we had looked a lot like the cereal. Of course I had one brother who got picked on, as he was really good natured and wouldn't kill me after. Pay backs are hell sometimes though as you never knew when it was going to be. Another time I made chocolate covered cardboard wafers for a treat. LOL Not to tasty!!!
Still another time there was a glass that had the bottom busted out of it, so I set it up in the cupboard until the right time to put it out on the table for dinner. We always set the table ahead of time and just befor meal time poured the water in all the glasses. This night my sister had that job of pouring the water, and you guessed it water went all over the table. I was out in the kitchen having a hard time containing myself, but then the payback, as I had to clean it up. My Brother was a prankster himself and He still tries to get me and I am pretty gullible so I usually fall for it. At least at first. It took him a few years to get back at me for the dog food incident.
After I had been married quite a few years, my brother was up visiting us in his voltswagon van, so his girl friend and I decided to decorate the front of his van. We had a blast and like alway I could hardly keep a straight face, so he knew something was up when he came out to move it. He thought it was great though, and never did change it. A few years later he was driving in the mountains and a big rig came around a curve and hit him, so that was the end of the van. He was hurt and it was many years before his neck was better. He was in the hospital when Mt. Saint Helens blew its top, and on a lot of pain meds so seeing the TV with all the coverage of the mountain doing its thing, he had some weird thoughts.