Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good ol'days of Radio

Before the days of TV all we had was the radio for entertainment, and it was on all the time. They had variety shows, scarey shows, soaps, family stories and music and news of course. I use to like the mystery theater, soaps and family hour the best that I remember. I was home most of the time because of illness so it was great for me. Of course I would never miss a soap if I could help it and the same for today. One of them that I listened to before is still on today, but on TV. One time my radio fell on the floor and broke and I was devestated until Dad fixed it for me.
My Bro still kids me about listening to the soaps like Stella Dallas and Back Stage Wife. Nice memories though, as it was my world at the time.

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doodlestreet said...

But honestly, don't you wish they had "reality radio shows!?" ahahah...can you imagine trying to do survivor on the radio?