Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Mom

Our Mom was raised in a different time when things were not as plentiful as today, so she was a saver of everything. Then World War 11 came along and everyone saved, as things were even scarcer being the troops had to have cloths etc.. We had to save tin foil, rubberbands, and just about everything you can imagine. I remember the big balls of string that we save. At xmas we used the same paper and bows from year to year, so we couldn't tear open our wraped gifts, but open very careful in order to not tear them. Actually that wouldn't be such a bad idea now that everyone is thinking green. Everything was rationed and when we wore a hole in our shoes we put in cardboard or what ever so we could still wear them. Mom and Dad made what they could for xmas, but on occasion we did get something bought from the store. Mom was really big on regifting up until the day she died. One year she gave my son a stappler that my dad had appropriated from his job which was an OK gift. and the same year she gave my other son old flash bulbs for a broken camera she had given him many years before. She was big on anything cheap and some things were very useful. Bars of soap were a biggy for her, and she did make nylon scubbers that were great. The thing I loved that she made for my kids, were PJ's and they loved them, but that was many years after the war. During the war it was hard to get fabric so we appreciated anything that we could get. I remember buying curtain chintz for a skirt that was stiff, but it was the only thing available, but it made a pretty nice summer skirt. Mom sewed everything she could when she got hold of the fabric, or took old cloths and revamped them. I remember she even made jeans for the boys. Times were a lot harder then and she did the best she could, but sometimes i had wished she wasn't so thrifty. Dad on the other hand was not so thrifty and he would go out and get nice gifts. I still have a really nice compact that he bought for me. On Valentines Day Dad would buy us girls a heart box of candy and Mom always got a giant heart box. After Mom moved to OR. near me she was still saving, and she had empty bottles, jars and little bitty boxes that she saved, plus string, rubberbands, etc. All this we found when cleaning out her home. To this day I have a little of that saving inbreaded in me, and some of it is good, but having to move so many times with the navy I do clean stuff out a lot where I don't think Mom ever did.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

When I was 12 Mom was sick on thanksgiving and couldn't get up to make our holiday dinner, so I was called upon to make all the fixings if we were going to have anything. Now this was my first really big meal to make, so even though mom was sick I went in and asked her a lot of questions while I was getting the meal together. I worked really hard on that meal, and surprise, surprise it turn out really well all except the gravy which I burned, so I felt terrible and consequently have never forgotten that meal.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day at the Beach

It was always fun when we were able to go to the beach which wasn't often even though when I was young it wasn't to far away. Mom would take me down to play in the sand every so often at the beach in San Francisco, and I even remember a little of it. If I was really really lucky I even got to get a ride on the merry-go-round which I dearly loved and I still have fond memories of that. This picture was when I was a bit older with my two brothers. It was in either SF or in Santa Cruz.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dad at 14 years of age

Looking through my pictures I did find this of my Dad at age 14. I have no ideal if that was regular wear or some sort of uniform. I am posting it for those that might want a copy of it. It was probably taken in about 1917 and in northern CA. If he was still living he would be 104 on Nov. 19th.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Now that it is getting close to Christmas I am starting to get in the Xmas spirit and thinking about the days when I was still living at home with my folks and working. All the stores would decorate their windows really beautiful with xmas scenes and Christmas music played everywhere you went in town shopping. Along the streets there were plenty of decorations on the light poles and elsewhere. Some going over the street all the way through the downtown area. I use to love to go from store to store looking at all the displays that made it a winter wonderland. I lived in San Jose CA. so there was no real snow but you still had the feeling of snow with the way the windows were decorated. Some had Santa's workshops and others a scene with snow. A lot of them had moving parts that actually pulled you into the scene when you stood there gazing at them. Sadly I don't have any pictures from then, as it was in the late 1940's, and it was black and white film plus I never thought to bring a camera to town. The picture shown is one I found on the webof a Marshall and Fields store. Some displays had trains running through the scene and Santa at work which was neat.
At work we had a contest of building little ginger bread and candy houses, so during our breaks and before and after work we would work on them until they were finished. We put a lot of detail on them with paths, little fences and trees out of candy. It was also time when busnesses would send over goodies for us to eat such as all kinds of candies and cookies. I was a long distance telephone operator so we had to work on all holidays, so the extra spoiling was nice as we really worked hard on those days. It is quite different now, but then if we didn't work then no one could call their families.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good ol'days of Radio

Before the days of TV all we had was the radio for entertainment, and it was on all the time. They had variety shows, scarey shows, soaps, family stories and music and news of course. I use to like the mystery theater, soaps and family hour the best that I remember. I was home most of the time because of illness so it was great for me. Of course I would never miss a soap if I could help it and the same for today. One of them that I listened to before is still on today, but on TV. One time my radio fell on the floor and broke and I was devestated until Dad fixed it for me.
My Bro still kids me about listening to the soaps like Stella Dallas and Back Stage Wife. Nice memories though, as it was my world at the time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Secret!!

We had a secret in the family that all the time I was growing up I tried to figure out what two sets of initials meant. To my Dad my mom always signed herself as GG and Dad would sign himself BB to anything he gave her. I asked and asked but could never get an answer. It was a secret between the two of them that they had since they were going together, and they weren't going to tell us. I would try and think of all the possiblities like for instance could it be Girl Girl for her and Boy Boy for Dad. Mom would never say yes or no. Finally over the years I sort of forgot about it being i was busy raising a family and not living at home anymore.
After Mom passed away we had to go through everything and we came across a card that Dad had sent to mom and he signed it Billy Boy and addressed it to his Gypsy Girl. Finally the dawn of what the initials were for. After all that time it was neat to have it figured out finally.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pranks

In a home with 4 kids there is always some thing that sparks a prank. I know I was guilty of a few of them especially on April Fools day. One time I thought it would be funny to put dog food in my Brothers cereal. We ate grapenuts and the dog food we had looked a lot like the cereal. Of course I had one brother who got picked on, as he was really good natured and wouldn't kill me after. Pay backs are hell sometimes though as you never knew when it was going to be. Another time I made chocolate covered cardboard wafers for a treat. LOL Not to tasty!!!
Still another time there was a glass that had the bottom busted out of it, so I set it up in the cupboard until the right time to put it out on the table for dinner. We always set the table ahead of time and just befor meal time poured the water in all the glasses. This night my sister had that job of pouring the water, and you guessed it water went all over the table. I was out in the kitchen having a hard time containing myself, but then the payback, as I had to clean it up. My Brother was a prankster himself and He still tries to get me and I am pretty gullible so I usually fall for it. At least at first. It took him a few years to get back at me for the dog food incident.
After I had been married quite a few years, my brother was up visiting us in his voltswagon van, so his girl friend and I decided to decorate the front of his van. We had a blast and like alway I could hardly keep a straight face, so he knew something was up when he came out to move it. He thought it was great though, and never did change it. A few years later he was driving in the mountains and a big rig came around a curve and hit him, so that was the end of the van. He was hurt and it was many years before his neck was better. He was in the hospital when Mt. Saint Helens blew its top, and on a lot of pain meds so seeing the TV with all the coverage of the mountain doing its thing, he had some weird thoughts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rabbits and Chickens

During the 2nd WW the folks decided to raise some rabbits and chickens, so we would have enough meat to eat, and it would help stretch the meat coupons that they got for all of us. I don't remember if we ate any of the chickens, as I think they just used them for eggs which were really large double yolk eggs much of the time. It was another matter with the rabbits as mom would fix them for sunday dinner, and she had a way of fixing them that they were really good, and I wouldn't have missed that meal for anything. Mom was a rather plain cook but with that rabbit she did a great job on it. None of our meals were terrible but she didn't use a lot of seasoning. It was fun to go out and gather the eggs and feed the animals, but I didn't think thier messes were fun to clean up. One thing we had lots of fertilizer for the veggie garden. There was a vacant lot in back of our yard and the owner said we could use it for a vegetable garden, so mom and we kids helped with that. The thing I remember most about that is the golden Bantom corn she raised. It was wonderful.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gma Stringall in her Garden

I have found another picture of my Dad's Mom in her veggie garden. The cabbage looks great, and makes me think of all the good things to be made with it. I doubt they made saurkraut with it but you never know. I don't remember us having it while we were growing up, but after getting married I did, and like it pretty well. We even made it while we were in Idaho and one batch turned out really good. Gma Stringall looks like a good ole country gal.

Mom Stringall in her buggy w/ Dad

I was looking through the few old photo's that I have and thought these were neat. One is just of mom and the other of my mom and her Dad pushing the buggy with her in it. I know this type of buggy wouldn't be very practical now days, but I love the wicker style, and to think it is all hand made. My sister inlaw made an ink drawing of it one time that was really beautiful. I hope someone in the family has that inking. This photo was probably taken in 1905 sometime, and was probably taken in Gerneville, CA.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday at a Friends

Here is a picture of the 4 of us siblings. I believe we were visiting an old friend of the folks when this was taken, and I vaguely remember it. This was In San Jose CA. I am sure glad we don't have to wear hats and dresses like in those days to visit a friend.LOL

Old Pictures

I thought this picture was kind of interesting. They are of Dad, Mom, Bro Bob and myself. They must have been taken in 1934 or there abouts in San Francisco, as that was where we were living at the time. Love the car and find the style of mom's cloths a little weird, and a bit over done, but that was the style then.
She may have made them as she did a lot of sewing, as she did all the time we were growing up. She even made the boys jeans during the 2nd world war, as you couldn't buy many of them.
When I was young you didn't go to San Francisco without hat, gloves and dressed to the hilt. That was in the late 40's and early 50's. No long pants, shorts or what ever like it is today. The 60's sure changed that with the hippy movement.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom and Dad when courting

These are pictures of Mom and Dad in 1924 when they were courting. The women on the left is my Gma Ruddock, and Mom and Dad Stingall on the right. They looked like they were having fun and enjoying each other. I love the old car too. It is fun to see pictures of them when they were young lovers. Often wonder how it was when they were getting together.
The pictures aren't very good but I have to remember that was a long time ago.

Dad's Dad and Mom

This is one of two pictures I have of my Dad's mom, but have several of his Dad. I never knew her, but she looks like a real homey type person that would have a big heart and would have bread and cookies baking for any who came to visit.
I did get to know him to a point. He believed kids should be seen and not heard, so never really talked to him in depth. He passed away when I was in my later teens.

Mom's Dad and Mom

Here is a picture of my mom's mum and papa. He was a Dr. and she was a seamstress. She was a rather stern looking women. She did have a very tiny waist that any of us girls would die for. I saw a vest that my mom had saved of hers, and it looked like a very little girls, but she was a little bitty women.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Working during WW11 in the summers

The first real job I remember doing was picking cucumbers in the field when I was 12, and between putting my fingers through rotten ones and sitting on them so they would squished all over me, I couldn't eat a cuccumber for 50 years because of it. The smell would to get me.
I also did baby sitting jobs also at 10 cents an hour, but not sure how old I was when I started. The thing I rememer most about them is trying to stay awake until the parents got home which was really hard. One lady decided that 10 cents an hour was to much and went around to all the other parents trying to get it down to 5 cents. I didn't just do babysitting as I would do the dishes and little things that needed to be done, so I was pretty pissed to say the least. Thank goodness she didn't get the rest to agree to the 5 cents, so it work out fine. Can you imagine 10 cents an hour now? Pretty pathetic.
The boys, Bob and Dick, had paper routes that they ran everyday, so they had a way to make money. I remember helping Bob collect on his a few time, but don't know if I ever helped Dick. It was a job I really didn't care for.
Other jobs were cutting cots, picking prunes and then I was old enough to work in the cannery, Barron and Gray. I think that I was about 13 as they lowered the age limit to get enough workers so they could get the fruit canned. Most of the time I worked on the pear machine, which wasn't bad. It was a lot better than working on a belt picking out the bad stuff that came down. I, for some reason, disliked the grape belt the most. I know I worked 3 summers there, and once I went over to Dole for a short time. When a gal cut off her finger tips on to the the fruit cocktail belt that did it for me as couln't eat fruit cocktail for quite awhile. I was still working in the cannery when the war ended, but the next years were not as easy to get on as the guys started coming home from the war. The jobs for kids and women dwindled after that.
My next job was a full time one working for the phone company as a long distance Operator and that lasted around 4 years. I disliked the broken shifts though, and getting off late at night. Sorry to say but I took off quite a bit because of it.
About that time I decided i wanted to go back to school, so went to see about getting my GED and then about entering San Jose State's junior college. I ran out of money after the 2 semester, and quit thinking as soon as I made the money to continue I would go back. I didn't go back to the phone company as found a job at Gousha's Map company, and i really liked that job. Being a cartogapher was more to my liking and it was day hours. I never did go back to college as I met my hubby to be about the same time I started working again. In the mean time I went over to the college and they up graded my status to 4 year college because my grades were so good the two semesters that I went.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Family Picture.

Here is a family picture that Dad took of us when I was in my later teens. He was into taking pictures and developing them himself, as he, I am sure, enjoyed learning all about photography. He was a man of many talents, and if he wanted to know something he went about teaching himself. This one is of himself, mom, me, Bob, Dick and Mlee. He dabbled in photography for quite a few years. I remember when we went to the San Francisco World Fair he took a lot of slides, but I don't remember a lot except it was a huge place and I was only 9, almost 10. If i remember right Gpa and gma Stringall went along also. Dad and Mom also went to the ice Follies several times and of course Dad took a lot of slides. They were beautiful, and often wondered what happen with the all the slides he took. Dad even got into tinting some pictures himself and that interested me too.

The Hadacal special

Here is a picture of my brother Bob's first car and he called it the Hadacal special. Hadacal was a laxitive at that time, and guess he thought that a cool name for his first car. He had it all torn apart tin the pic, he but got it back together OK , as I remember. Then he talked me into driving it. No license or anything. I did OK until I pulled back into the driveway again, and didn't get it staighten out, so I took out one of my Mom's favorite bushes. I was needless to say in the dog house big time. That was the first stick I tried to drive. Eventually I did learn to drive a stick, but I was about 52 years old.


When we were free in the summer there were lots of things that we liked to do. One thing there was a walnut orchard across the street and the owner would plow it and make irragation ditches so he could water his trees. Being we had to find our own fun we would go play in the ditches when he had the water running into them. It was great fun and we were a muddy mess, so I am sure Mom wasn't to happy if we tried to come into the house like that, but it was really fun and cooling. She probably made us hose off before we could go in. We always could play in the sprinkler but the irragation ditches were the best.
Another thing we liked to do was play hide and seek especailly when it was getting dusk. Somehow we managed to find things to keep us entertained. Tag was another game we liked.

Dad built a big BBQ pit in the back yard so we had a lot of dinners out there. Another thing I loved was when we got to go out and eat our breakfast outside. It always seemed to taste better out there. Dad had built a big table with lattace work over the top so we were partially screened from the sun until Mom had a trumpet vine that shade the the table.

When I got a little older we started going to the Russian River for a week or two in the summers, and we stayed in a little cabin. Dad took us up and came back to get us when it was time to leave. I got to take a friend once that I remember and we would spend the days eyeing the boys and getting a tan. I couldn't swim but like to try to do the back stroke if I was in swallow water. I am surprised my mom let me wear that swim suit as it laced up the side and showed skin, but it was one I had made. It took me until I was about 60 years old before I finally got where I could get into the deep water and swim. I am not a good swimmer but at least the deep water didn't freak me anymore and I felt really good about that.

I met my first real boy friend one summer there at the river, and he was a really nice guy, but when he came down to visit me one time wearing a zoot suit, I couldn't handle that, and he went home wondering what happened.LOL He had the big hat, long chain and the coat was long too, with tappard pants. Poor guy, as he thought he looked really cool to come see his girl, but his girl didn't think so. There is a pic of him with me. I do still remember his first name though which was Bill.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The first years we did the usual trick or treating, but as we got older we kids started giving parties and we worked our butts off getting things ready. We had a long hall in our house with doors leading to the different rooms so it was perfect to have something scarey behind each door. To start with we would have scarey music, thanks to Dad, and when someone came to the door we would have a ghostly figure with a rubber glove on that was filled with mush and very cold to give them a hand into the house. Of course the house was pretty dark which was creepy enough to start with. Then the long walk down the hall took place after everyone was there. We took one person at a time, so we could get the right affect. One area had a fortune teller and think we recruited mom for that. Then behind another door was a witch who was stirring a big cauldron. we tried to make everything as spooky as possible with very low lights etc. She was my step grandmother and kind of a nasty lady anyway so playing the witch was perfect for her. Another door was a paper macha head cut off at the neck that we painted with blood looking areas, and had water dripping into a pan so you assumed it was blood dripping from the wound. There was also a room with a sheet covered body that would rise and scare the wits out of a person. Along the hall we had rigged up a sheet to pull across the person as they walked through. Another door led to a skeleton who was in the shower, and that was fine until one year a wize guy turned on the shower. Then there was a cupboard that had shelves and in there we put the innards which were pealed grapes, spaghetti and other gruesome things for them to feel. The parties were the talk of the neighborhood and everyone but one person came. To scarey for that little one. As we got older the parties moved to the family down the street, but they were not the same. That or it was because we weren't giving them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Mom in the kitchen

When I think of my Mom I think of her in the kitchen even though she did other things too, but she spent a lot of her time in her kitchen. She was a good baker and we had decent but fairly plain meals. She made a lot of baking goods and think that is why I am a such a sweet aholic. During the 2nd world war I think it was a big challenge for her since so much was rationed, but we never went without eating, and sometime I would have liked something else. I think the one dish I could have done without was spanish rice, as there wasn't much to it except rice and tomao sauce. We always had rolls with it that I did like with honey on them. There was probably a veggie with it but can't remember. Meat was rationed so had to make do in a big family with stretching things, so we could have a special meal from time to time.
She was of the generation that if she had company she made all the meals for them, not like me letting my guest get their own quite often for breakfast and lunch. Times were different then, or I am just plain lazy.
Our meals were always sit down at the table meals also when we were growing up. She also got my dad his snack when he came home from the second job or playing music, so you can see she did spend a bit of time in the kitchen.
As we got old enough she escaped the clean up, which was left to us girls. For some reason I don't remember the boys having to do scullery duty. That was before womens lib. LOL
During the war we had a fairly large veggie garden in the lot behind us. I thought that was really neat, and mom tended that along with us doing the weeding. She had planted golden bantom corn and that was soooooo good among other things, but that is tops in my memory.
Dad and mom had a couple of what they called block parties, and the ones who came gave her ration stamps, so she could get enough of what ever food was needed for everyone. They were fun and Dad would play music so people could dance in the driveway. There were held outside in the yard. At one of those was my first experience of having ice coffee which was terrible compared to what you can get now. It was just plain old weak coffee with ice cubes.
Those block prties were fun even for us kids.
One summer Mom took off from making the meals and I had to do it. Guess it was partly to teach me to cook, and as you can imagine I was sick of it by the time she took back the cooking.

The Music Man

This was my Dad, the man who was always playing some sort of music whether it was an instrument, or records. At one time he had ten thousand records, and then sold a bunch of them and ended up with a thousand LP's. Here is a picture of him and his drums, but that isn't the only thing he tried his hand at playing. One time a horn, another an accordion, and one time he even brought home an organ. He loved music and the Big Bands were his favorite. Now when I met my husband to be there was a little difference of opinion, as my intended like western music and Dad said that wasn't even music. Sorry Dad, I love western music, but like other music also. Dad always had his hand in some kind of music, even though that wasn't his profession. He use to service the coin boxes in dinners etc, and then he started playing music for singles several nights a week. He did this as long as he could and then had to hand it over to someone else.
I don't know when he started wearing the top hat when he played but guess it was sort of his signature.

Christmas at the Stringall's

Christmas was a wonderful time around our house even though we were far from rich. Dad would set a big amplifier out on the front porch and play xmas music for the whole neighborhood, for about a week before xmas, and as far as I remember there was only one person who complained, and they lived clear around the corner from us. I really enjoyed the happy experience of the music during the day and evenings, and I went around humming and singing even though it was slightly off key. There was of course always a tree and I suspect we kids trimmed it, and we had the neatest little bird ornaments on it that I think my sis has now.
In school I was in the choir and we would form a group and go from neighborhood to neighborhood and sing xmas carols for the families in there homes at night. Everyone would give us a hand for our efforts, and that made us feel pretty darn good. We also went through the halls at school singing carols when it was choir class time.
Mom always baked goodies and made candy for days before, and as I got old enough I got right in to the middle of it, so it helped mom and I got to lick the bowls too of course. Plus learning how to bake etc..
We learned to make a lot of our gifts and getting them wrapped up really pretty was a challenge sometimes, as being times were leaner we always save the paper and ribbon from year to year, and had to use that. That carried over into my family later, but have finally given that up, as bags are much easier, and of course I save them to use later after they have been opened.LOL
Dad would see that the outside of the house was decorated also. One year he wanted me to draw a santa and sleigh so he could cut it out of wood and then we would paint it, but it was to big of a task, and I didn't get it done. Xmas was a big deal to me.The first xmas I found out there was no santa was devastating to me, but managed to go on and have even more fun. Xmas morning mom alwas made the best carmel topped rolls for breakfast, which makes my mouth water to think of them now. After we opened our gifts which took a little time as we always watched everyone open their gifts, and to this day I like to hold on to mine and watch everyone else and then open mine. Don't want to miss anything. Then we would take our things and put them in our rooms to play with or what ever later. The best xmas was the year Bob and I got out bikes. Some days before xmas two big pkg's were delivered to our house and both Bob and I were really hopeful that they were bikes but they were flat boxes and so we weren't to sure about that. Several times we would get on our bellies and try to see through the vent in the garage, but it was to dang dark in there to see anything. Glad we didn't see them as it was more fun imagining. After we got them I wanted to be out riding all the time, as they were really special, and loved the freedom of being out ridding.
The rest of the day we were busy getting dinner and decorating the table for the feast which was always turkey. In later years I was corraled into doing a lot of it. Sometimes there was a friend invited for dinner as in the picture. these days were always very special to me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mickey Mouse Ballons

One of my first memories in our new house was that someone had given us the neatest standing Miickey Mouse Ballons on cardboard feet that must have been about 2 to 3 feet tall. Bob, Dick and I were the receivers, and it wasn't long before Bob got a hair up his butt and had to pop them all. I was really ticked at him but that was parr for the course with him, as he loved to do anything to cause a stir out of us, especially me.
Another time he took my diary an gave it to the boy down the street who I had a crush on and of course I had written quite a bit about the boy. Thank goodness my crush gave it back unopened, as I was about to die of embassesment. Bob and I clashed a lot over the years but when we got older we managed to get along better.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The house now in 2008

MLee took a trip down and sent these pic's of how they have done some upgrading on our old place to update it. Doesn't seem possible it is almost 70 years old.

Our Home

After a few years our house took on a lived in look. this picture was several years later, and taken before they planted the big tree in the front of the livingroom window.

Moving to 1670 Lupton Av. in San Jose

This was great as it was our first home that the folks owned, and meant we would be here for a while. Mlee and I had our own room and so did the boys, and we made lots of good memories in this house. If I remember right it took about 3 months to build and I was excited for it to be finished. It was fun to see it under construction. We finally moved in in the summer of 1939 when I was almost 10.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lincoln Av. To Fremont Av. in San Jose

I don't know how long we lived on Fremont, but know that MLee was born while we were living there.
A nice memory there is one xmas Dad made a little horse on a long metal spring for Dik and he use to jump up and down on it. I had wished I was little enough to use it too. It wasn't the traditional rocking horse, but was pretty neat. We had some great christmases due to Dad and Mom's hard work making things for us.
Another thing that was fun is that I use to fry potatos in butter for us kids when mom would let me and we ate them 1/2 raw, but we thought they were the greatest.
There was also an old fish pond there that had dried up and I often thought it would have been nice to have fish in it, and not just left dry.
The picture is of Bob and Dick and the girl across the street with my baby doll.
While we lived here Mom drew up plans for the house on Lupton, and they had it built. That was an exciting time to think about a new house.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spreckles, CA. to San Jose CA

When I was around 6 we moved to Speckles where I started 1st grade. It was a pretty rough school and I was scared of the bullies. Don't think i was in it to long as started having asthma attacks and have very few memories of it. I had a friend named Peaches next door there that I really liked. About the only other thing I remember is that they had rodeo's and parades. I also remember that there were a lot of dirt roads and a lot of dust.
The next place that I remember we moved to was to Lincoln Av. in San Jose. I have several memories of that place. Mom hired men to do the yard work, and she said they were tramps as they didn't have a place to live. She would pay them with meals. I guess they road the rails from town to town from what she said. Another memory was when I was playing in the sprinkler one hot day and I slipped on the cement and I saw those real stars***. A neighbor came out and took me to her porch where she started preaching to me. Mom came out and rescued me then and did all the things that needed to be done to make me feel better. I had a sore head for awhile.
Mom would make sun bonnets and sun suits for me to wear which I always loved, and still think of them fondly. When I was about 8 she took me out of school as I was having a lot of asthma attacks. I don't remember to much about the boys then except that they were around and we played some. MLee was still just a twinkle in Dads eye, and soon on the way.
The picture is of Dick, and I, but am not sure just where it was taken. I liked to play dress up, and having no sister yet poor Dick was the one who had to suffer. Hope it didn't cause him to have an idenity crisis, but he has a good soft heart.
We were living here the xmas that I figured out that Mom and Dad were Santa, as it dawned on me that Santa's hand writing looked like Mom's. That was earth shattering at the time, but I managed to get over it and back to the fun of xmas. It still was exciting to wait for Santa to arrive every year. The same xmas I got a small two wheel bike that I learned to ride but fell into the neighbors cactus patch that was next to the side walk. After enduring having the prickly things dug out I went right out and got on it again with no more mishaps.
This is where we were living when I asked my Dad about the people on the radio and he told me there were a lot of little people living in it. You might say I was a tad gullable.

Moved to Burlingame

Don't remember a lot from when we lived in Burlingame, as I was still pretty young. I remember these dang stairs that led up to our place upstairs though as my brother fell through the railing and I got punished for it. Had to sit in a chair for awhile to think over my bad deed, and I remember my brother getting a treat but I didn't. That of course was the harshes punishment. This is a photo of me on those stairs. Not sure exactly how old I was. I believe I started Kindegarden here. Now on to the next memory and the new place we moved too. Not sure where my dad was working then, but believe it might of been the telephone co.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beaver St. house now.

This is what the house on Beaver Street looks like today (2008). I really like the colors on it now, but guess that is the artist in me and those are some of my favorite colors. My thanks to Shawn, Pam's friend, for the picture.
Now on to the move to Burlingame, CA. and a couple of pic's when I was young.

722 Beaver Street, Santa Rosa, CA.

On August 6,1929 there was a little bundle arrive at the William Stringall's home which they named Carolyn Jeanette. She was born in Santa Rosa CA. in a house at 722 Beaver St. and she weighed in at 8 and 1/4th lbs.
Grandma Ruddock was living in the home with them, and I only have one memory of her leaning over my crib. In the picture of the house she is sitting on the top step on the right. I wish I had more memories of her but she died when I was very young.
I don't have any memories while we were there, but have a few from SF which is where we moved next. I remember my father getting hit when he backed his car out of the driveway, Also remember playing under a table with a long fringed cloth on it, and I would pretend I had a playmate to play with, as I didn't have anyone else to play with. One mas I had pnemonia and they put the tree in my bedroom so I could see it all the time. Xmas eve I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to find Santa had been there and he left me my baby doll, so even though being sick is was still a nice xmas.
The pictures are of the old house, mom and I and then myself in a rocking chair. The rocker would be neat to have now for one of my bears.
We moved to Burlingame next after that.