Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rabbits and Chickens

During the 2nd WW the folks decided to raise some rabbits and chickens, so we would have enough meat to eat, and it would help stretch the meat coupons that they got for all of us. I don't remember if we ate any of the chickens, as I think they just used them for eggs which were really large double yolk eggs much of the time. It was another matter with the rabbits as mom would fix them for sunday dinner, and she had a way of fixing them that they were really good, and I wouldn't have missed that meal for anything. Mom was a rather plain cook but with that rabbit she did a great job on it. None of our meals were terrible but she didn't use a lot of seasoning. It was fun to go out and gather the eggs and feed the animals, but I didn't think thier messes were fun to clean up. One thing we had lots of fertilizer for the veggie garden. There was a vacant lot in back of our yard and the owner said we could use it for a vegetable garden, so mom and we kids helped with that. The thing I remember most about that is the golden Bantom corn she raised. It was wonderful.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gma Stringall in her Garden

I have found another picture of my Dad's Mom in her veggie garden. The cabbage looks great, and makes me think of all the good things to be made with it. I doubt they made saurkraut with it but you never know. I don't remember us having it while we were growing up, but after getting married I did, and like it pretty well. We even made it while we were in Idaho and one batch turned out really good. Gma Stringall looks like a good ole country gal.

Mom Stringall in her buggy w/ Dad

I was looking through the few old photo's that I have and thought these were neat. One is just of mom and the other of my mom and her Dad pushing the buggy with her in it. I know this type of buggy wouldn't be very practical now days, but I love the wicker style, and to think it is all hand made. My sister inlaw made an ink drawing of it one time that was really beautiful. I hope someone in the family has that inking. This photo was probably taken in 1905 sometime, and was probably taken in Gerneville, CA.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday at a Friends

Here is a picture of the 4 of us siblings. I believe we were visiting an old friend of the folks when this was taken, and I vaguely remember it. This was In San Jose CA. I am sure glad we don't have to wear hats and dresses like in those days to visit a friend.LOL

Old Pictures

I thought this picture was kind of interesting. They are of Dad, Mom, Bro Bob and myself. They must have been taken in 1934 or there abouts in San Francisco, as that was where we were living at the time. Love the car and find the style of mom's cloths a little weird, and a bit over done, but that was the style then.
She may have made them as she did a lot of sewing, as she did all the time we were growing up. She even made the boys jeans during the 2nd world war, as you couldn't buy many of them.
When I was young you didn't go to San Francisco without hat, gloves and dressed to the hilt. That was in the late 40's and early 50's. No long pants, shorts or what ever like it is today. The 60's sure changed that with the hippy movement.