Friday, January 30, 2009

Mom and her crochet hook.

One of my favorite memories of our mom is when she would be sitting crocheting something. The 2nd photo is of motifs that she worked on during the war, and made a big table cloth eventually with them, and this piece was a scarf for the buffet to match. She used that table cloth for special occasions. I thought that is was really neat, and at that time I didn't know how to crochet but it fascinated me. The 1st. photo and 3rd have varigated flowers types that she made a lot of and never put them on anything so I used a few of them for neck pieces for some of my bears and also and making a scarf eventually with a few of them. She made a lot of doilies also. I wanted to learn how to do it later in my teens, so she taught me to make a chain and the rest I learned on my own.

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